( Top )10 Most Popular Jacket Brands in India 2021

( Top )10 Most Popular Jacket Brands in India 2021

Looking for a way to stay warm and stylish when the winter breeze hits? The right place for your remaining garment is a jacket. The right jacket can be the perfect companion from hot chocolate events, bonfires to the best winter barbecues.

A comfortable and pleasant jacket is the perfect investment of money when chosen well and can last a lifetime. Whether you are looking for something that is light and warm, or something that is simply cozy, stylish and modern all at the same time.

Various brands have a variety of jackets in their stock, choosing the perfect one for your needs can be a gigantic task, but in today’s article, we will cover the top 10 jacket brands in the Indian market to give the eager consumer a clearer picture. of all the fashion of jackets and their use.

From leather jackets to hooded fleece jackets, a jacket always comes in a tray of different varieties that consumers can choose according to their needs.

Here is the list of the best jacket brands in India:


At the top of our list is the well-known brand known to all Indians, the Indian adventure and outdoor company Wildcraft itself.

Wildcraft has rapidly gained popularity in recent years for its products placed in more than 4,000 multi-faceted stores in total both in the country of India and internationally today. In its current range, Wildcraft offers jackets for both men and women.

One of the key features that many users of Wildcraft jackets have highlighted is, in addition to its quality, the feeling of lightness of the jacket as well as being warm and cozy.

It is so compact and lightweight that users have raved about its excellent portability factor. Take a look at one of Wildcrafts’ navy blue jackets for women, as it is among their best sellers in the field of jackets.

The fleece comes with a full front zipper plus a protective chin guard and specialized brushed pockets to keep the consumer’s hand warm. It is priced at Rs1599.

For men specifically, their best-selling product is the lightweight padded jacket which is conveniently reversible and water repellent, perfect for added protection against light drizzles during monsoon season.

Fort Collins

In second place is Indra’s Hosiery Mills brand, which was founded in 1954. Having been an established brand, it has a fantastic range of promising products with the two best features for any consumer.

Quality and affordability. Fort Collins has a credible history among today’s consumers in the Indian market, as for decades it is known for making high quality jackets which users have highly valued for their durability, resulting in no problem facing terms of coloration or slack. -Stitches.

If one were to go to word of mouth reviews, Fort Collins would rank at the top as it is among one of the best brands that any consumer in the Indian market, especially for jackets, should consider.

One of the key features that have been highlighted by major fashion magazines and outlets is the need for a Fort Collins bomber jacket for a man’s wardrobe.

Not only is it affordable, but it also has a well-padded hood and is able to keep the user warm during cold temperatures.

It is priced at Rs1199. The women of Fort Collins have been recognized for their fashionable clothing as a brand known for making a statement. It is not particularly suitable when it comes to cold temperatures, but rather milder climates are well suited.

When it comes to women, Fort Collins focuses more on style than performance, as it is the perfect fit for those who need to upgrade their wardrobe in the jacket department.


A very well known and loved brand among Indian consumers as it is known for the premium offerings that combine the best materials at the most affordable prices.

In terms of leather jackets, look no further than the woods. Establishing the brand specifically for the leather world speaks for itself in terms of performance and quality.

A perfect leather jacket is versatile for both genders and wardrobe essential. Going out on a cold morning for a run or bike ride. Woodlands has the right gear for you, allowing the user to stay warm throughout the adventure.

Their leather jackets start at a price of Rs13,999 as it is unisex. Specifically for women, Woodland’s furry caps and hoods that are attached to the Woodland Parka help regulate the wearer’s temperature without fluctuating often, making it at a comfortable level during use.

Besides the comfort, the added leather look allows the customer to make a fashion statement by wearing the item.

Tommy Hilfiger

A brand loved by the younger and older generations alike. Tommy Hilfiger is a name that everyone knows and wants. Especially in the Indian market where it is among one of the most popular brands when it comes to clothing and specifically jackets as they are trendy and trendy.

Founded in 1985 by American designer Thomas Hilfiger, a well established brand that has been time tested. He has kept his class and standard to the end.

In that sense, it is priced higher due to these certain factors. Tommy Hilfiger jackets come in a variety of colors while maintaining the modern and stylish look / feel of the jackets.

Tommy offers a look for men who want to rock a cool and casual look when paired with his casual navy blue jacket that has a slim fit, which can be paired with a pair of jeans with sneakers to make it a complete go-out look.

For women, Tommy offers a solid beige padded jacket, which is designed with a mandarin collar and a zip closure. Both products described are best sellers in their respective genres priced at Rs4499 and Rs5599.


One of the most loved sports brands among Indian consumers, Puma. In the Indian market, they are popularly haunted for their shoes, but also for their high-quality jackets.

In the sports jackets department, they are the most suitable either for long days of jogging, or a warm-up suit to carry out the activity of your choice.

Their jackets are very light and are suitable for warmer climates rather than cold climates. For women, they offer a modern and elegant look, in black and white, ideal for gym lovers who work out in winter.

It is priced at Rs4499. For men, the most popular jacket is the Puma Teal Blue Solid Track Jacket, offering a perfect blend of style and workmanship. It has a high neck plus 3 pockets and is machine washable. It is priced at Rs4399.


At number 6, is the French company Decathalon, which has taken over the Indian sports market. It has received the name of “Best Sports Store” in the Indian subcontinent for the past few years.

He is well known for his vision and mission. Since it is one of the most organized stores in the world. Decathalon is one of the most affordable brands in the Indian market specifically for jackets and a variety of other sports products.

With its in-store testing feature, it allows customers to have the satisfaction of making sure it lives up to their standards before purchasing the item. It has received a high rating from customers for the quality of its products and its better service / customer relationship management.

With their half jackets that have received a lot of traction in recent years between both genders.

In addition to this, the Decathalons padded hiking jacket specifically for men who feel driven to explore and travel in places where a cold environment is present. It is priced at Rs999.

The most popular item for women is for those who love hiking as it offers a down jacket that fits perfectly. It keeps the user warm, is stylish, and is also very affordable at Rs1,999.

Calvin Klein

One of the world’s most famous brands, Calvin Klein is an American fashion house and luxury goods manufacturer that was established in 1968 specializing in leather, lifestyle clothing / accessories, perfumes and ready-to-wear garments. use. It is among the best in the world in terms of luxury brands with its high prices and the high quality of the products that are produced.

Their jackets are best for mild temperatures, and especially in the leather goods department as they are known to source high-quality leather. Among its wide range of products, the best-selling product to date is the faux fur jacket.

It has four zippered pockets, with an integration of two interior zippered pockets through the brand collar. It is priced at Rs5500. When it comes to women, Calvin Klein has the best designed jacket, which is a ribbed down jacket with a ruffle at the bottom that comes in a bright nude color and an icy vanilla color. When paired with denim pieces, it is sure to catch the eye of many and receive many compliments. It is priced at Rs7191.

Monte Carlo

In the next place at no. 8, we have Monte Carlo, which has been able to climb the ladder of success due to two elements: a range of high-end fashion garments that is backed by a highly qualified research and development team to help produce breakthrough innovations and products. in the market. It is recognized for its exemplary customer service, having received countless awards in this category.

So much so that it has been awarded the Best Product Exhibited Award which is an award that is congratulated by the prestigious International Wool Secretariat.

With the company’s products reaching end consumers through various channel modes; Exclusive brand outlets, multi-brand outlets and e-commerce sites.

It has a vast network of distribution system that ensures that the products are available to the consumer. Today, Monte Carlo has more than 200 exclusive brand stores, in addition to more than 1,300 multi-brand stores.

For the men’s wardrobe in the jacket department, one of their most popular items is the solid olive green full sleeve jacket which is priced at Rs 2852. While for women the most popular item is gray, which represents the color of winters, as it is too. a full sleeve jacket.

It is considered a fashionable jacket in addition to having a buttoned collar, which gives it full 360 ° protection against low temperatures. It is priced at Rs 2639.


Roadster, one of the rookies on the list, has caught the attention of many in the world of fashion jackets with its combination of fashion trends and trendy styles.

It is a purely travel-worthy brand, as the name “Roadster” indicates, the clothing is well suited for those who have a keen interest in the art of adventure and travel.

It is perfect for those who want to make a strong statement during the winter months. The organization’s products are available throughout India.

The company’s most popular jacket product among men is the black Roadster bike jacket sold. A black jacket is essential to one’s wardrobe. The jacket comes with five pockets and a full zip closure to enhance the style during the cold months.

Perfect for everyday wear. It is priced at Rs1799. Among female customers, the Roadsters Tan Brown longline biker jacket is the most popular with a shawl collar and faux fur collar, an ideal choice for temperate climates.

Priced at Rs1999. Affordable but without sacrificing quality, Roadster is the perfect jacket brand for Indian consumers.

United Colors Benneton

In 10th place on our list is one of the leading fashion brands in the Indian market. In essence, it has fulfilled its strong mission of social responsibility.

You have been able to adopt a sustainable plan that allows you to source your materials to create your final products. Creating a positive global impact at a time when it matters most.

The products are also manufactured without the use of toxic chemicals to ensure the safety and quality of the garment. With the versatility in the jacket offering, they can provide a jacket tray for various occasions. From winter clothing to the milder summer months.

Finding a perfect solution for the consumer will be easy as it is combined with the features of affordability and quality. In search of the perfect getaway jacket, one of UCB’s most popular items for women is the Fuschia Textured Track Jacket combined with key elements of style and quality.

Its combination of the mandarin collar and short length is sure to make a bold statement when worn. It is priced at Rs1649. While for men the most popular item is the Puffy jacket / coat.

It is a must for a man’s wardrobe. UCB nylon jacket with its versatility and lightness adapts perfectly to the boat. In addition to having a normal wash that eliminates the annoyance of having the product dry. It is priced at Rs3599.


In conclusion, finding the right jacket can be tricky, but combined with the proper research and reviews from today’s market consumers, the task can be complete. From luxury goods to middle-class brands, each brand has its own specialty, from leather jackets to wool coats.

In the list of top 10 jackets in India today, these are the leaders who have stood out based on the opinions of customers who have used them on the quality of the brand / goodwill it presents.

Having a quality jacket is a must, choosing it at the right price, in addition to how versatile it is, can be a great achievement. A jacket is not only worn in the winter months, but it can also be worn in milder climates, to make a bold fashion statement while maintaining a cozy and warm feeling. Invest in a jacket as a quality one will last a lifetime.

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